Native Advertising – A Big Bang in Digital Advertising

By | August 29, 2017

Digital Advertising is thriving with leaps and bounds. Businesses of all the sizes and niches are embracing it to generate leads.  But, what makes Native Advertising a big bang in Digital Marketing? We need to understand it with the help of a few questions. Here, are the answers of what, how and why regarding native advertising.

What is Native Advertising?

Native Advertising has been named so because it is meant to match the native look and feel of the publisher’s website.

It can be better understood by comparing it with banner ads. Banner ads can be easily recognized on the website in the first look but native ads look like the content of the website.

Native Advertising can be done in the form of a blog, article, tweet, image, video or any other type of content which is being provided by the publisher.

Native Advertising Examples

Let’s understand it better with the help of a few examples –

  1. Google Ads

Google search engine result pages show 3 paid ads on the top. They completely match the look and feel of the rest of the page.

But, Google shows that they are paid ads and this is done with Native Ads always. You have to mention that it is paid, recommended, sponsored, or promoted content.

  1. In feed Ads

They are shown on the publisher’s website with the content you are reading on that website and labelled as ‘content from web’ or something else.

  1. Promoted Tweets on Twitter

You must have noticed some tweets on your Twitter wall from brands which you don’t follow. If you observe closely, it is the mentioned as promoted tweet.  


  1. Sponsored Posts on Facebook

Just like Twitter, Facebook shows its paid ads as sponsored posts.

Not only Twitter and Facebook, all other social media platforms are doing Native Marketing.

  1. Video Native Ads

You can see promoted videos on video platforms like YouTube. These are video ads included in feeds. Native ads are other than pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads on YouTube.

How to do Native Advertising?

Doing Native Advertising does not require you to be technically sound. You just need to find a good publisher while keeping a few points in mind.

  • The publisher’s website should be relevant to your business niche to provide you the qualified leads.
  • The website should already have good traffic.
  • Publisher should send the newsletters of your content and promote it on its social media networks.
  • The publisher should also give you the editorial freedom.

When you finally reach the right publisher, establish a good relationship with him. Then start the second step.

Create the content that sells. Don’t forget to optimize it and match it to the look and feel of the publisher’s website.

Create an effective landing page that helps you to bring the customer down in the purchase funnel. Now, bring the customer on that landing page through the link in your content on the publisher’s website. You can also retarget him.

What stats say about Native Advertising?

But, you might be thinking that all this can be done by a banner ad also then why ‘Natives Advertising’. Let’s have a look what stats say about it –

  • According to Media Post, 20 to 60 percent more consumers interact with Native ads as compared with standard banner Ads.
  • Consumer Attention is 308 times more on Native Ads than on Banner ads, as acclaimed by Hubspot.
  • Brands get 6 times higher conversion through Native ads on mobile than traditional banner ads written by Theo Lynn in a LinkedIn post.
  • Theo Lynn also says that 18% Native ad viewers have higher purchase intent than traditional banner ad viewers.

Why Native Advertising has an edge over others?

Yes, it has an edge over others because it performs significantly better. Just as banner Ads made way to Ad blocker, Native Advertising is not intrusive. Since your native ad is present with all other relevant content, the consumer gets attracted to it and might end up his search at your website. Native Advertising is nonintrusive, economical, produces results immediately while creating patrons for your business. That is why Native Advertising is a big bang in Digital Advertising.

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