How to Measure and Improve Display Advertising Performance

By | June 3, 2017

Display Advertising has been serving advertisers with instant and relevant traffic while being paid on the basis of performance. There are approximate 21 metrics for measuring display marketing performance but do they all worth calculating. In other words, do you think getting clicks in CPC campaign on the ad and generating traffic on the landing page with no conversion makes any sense?

Definitely Not!

The approach and trends in marketing keep changing, so let’s explore how to measure and improve display advertising performance. The omni-channel campaigns require marketers to track the audience throughout the purchase funnel while keeping them engaged with the brand through different ways. Yes, here comes the word ‘Engagement’. Keeping the prospect engaged is the real method of digital marketing.

Measure the Engagement

A mere click on the ad does not lead to a successful display advertising campaign until it engages the user. Only CTR is not actually the right way to measure the performance, rather you should use some advanced tools to track the user on different channels. So, it’s high time to move beyond clicks, since the advertisers want the deep insight of the action taken by the prospect. So, let’s discover 5 points to improve the performance and keep the customer engaged –

Creative Management Platform

Keep optimizing your ad with CMP (Creative Management platform) to make big or small changes while creating a multitude of versions before placing it in front of the user. It strongly aids the state of the art way of marketing by behaving according to the behaviour of the prospect.

By serving information in different forms to the user, it becomes easy for advertisers to bring him down in the purchase funnel. CMP is preferred these days as it is easy and cost-effective along with being efficient.       


Segmenting the audience on the basis of their location, events, interests, age, and gender can drastically help in serving them with the required information. Display marketers can target them better if they know about the audience beforehand. The audience can also be targeted on the basis of the device, purchase history, hyper-location and much more.   


Personalization is the key to success in digital marketing. Just don’t treat everyone the same. Targeting everyone with special strategy brings result. Each and every customer in your database should be given special treatment. They should be kept engaged with informative content, enticed with lucrative discounts, loyalty points or cash backs.   

A/B Testing

A/B testing of the campaign before getting the campaign live is imperative to get the best results. CTA (call to action) is the most important element to test banner ads. Also test background, colour, images, font size, and size of the banner ad.

One should also keep in mind that only one element should be tested at one time. A/B testing helps to understand the consumer behaviors in a better way, provides better optimization opportunities as well as brings the best results.      


Remarketing implies here chasing the customer on the internet. Make a strategy and follow the prospect who saw your ad on the internet in different formats. Multiple creatives will also help display advertisers to serve the prospect different kind of information making him land on your website. Keep one thing in mind that customer may not buy in the first attempt but remarking can help you to turn the prospect into a customer.     

Make It the Right Way

The ultimate aim should be producing the best results from display advertising. So, don’t just get satisfied with the huge number of clicks or impressions since the aim is bringing conversions not clicks. Gauge the engagement from the campaign, since the people engaged are more likely to convert sooner or later. Just pay heed to measure and improve display advertising performance.

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