Chatbots Changing the UX for Business

By | May 19, 2017


E-Commerce and other online service providers are constantly striving to offer brick and mortar like UX (user experience) to their customers and the facility of unconditional return policy was the result of the same. But what about the salesman, yes unlike brick and mortar stores e-commerce stores lack salesman and customers have to browse the complete website to find the desired one out of thousands. Here comes Chatbots changing the UX for businesses.      

what is chatbot  

The name chatbot refers to chatting robot who replies to your queries. Technically, it is powered by a set of rules or artificial intelligence that enables you to interact with it via chat interface. They could live in any of the major chat products like Text Messages, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and many more in umpteen numbers in future.

Chatbots not only change the UX for business but also goes beyond that to ease your life by providing required information regarding whether, latest & relevant news, financial advising, scheduling, picking and ordering grocery etc.        

Let’s take an Example of Shoes

If you want to buy brown coloured boots from an online store, you would go the website and then find the relevant category followed by scrolling the webpages down in search of the pair of shoes you want to buy. But if the website is integrated with a bot, you can immediately get exactly what you want.

You just ask it to show brown coloured boots and it will show you the range of boots it has in different designs and brands. That how the chatbots can make the user experience better in eCommerce.     


Working of Chatbots

You might find it surprising that a robot can chat but there are two things that enable it to communicate with you like a salesman or customer care executive – a set of rules or artificial intelligence (AI).

A chatbot can be made by programming a set of rules to communicate but the use is very limited. It will be unable to understand the text or voice which is not fed into it. It will be able to perform very limited activities.

However, AI makes chatbots smarter by enabling them to perform like a human being. One more characteristic they possess is that they get smarter with the passage of time after being used which can be seen as gaining work experience like human beings.      

Why business need Chatbots

  • Better at Customer Service

Chatbots are available to provide customer service round the clock and seven days a week. They work like humans and answer the query of the customer instantly. Many times talking to a customer care executive of a business is bound to time limits for customers. But, chatbots makes your business available anywhere, anytime to the customers. They just have to add the bot to their contact list.    

  • Messaging Apps are widely used

Texting and messaging apps are widely accepted these days and they are expected to be more popular than social media in future. This is the biggest reason for businesses to leverage chatbots as it would enable reach their prospects potentially.     

  • Adds to the utility of customer interface

Customer interface provides limited information, may be the customer is looking for something else. In order to achieve a worthwhile conversation with the customer while moving him down in the purchase funnel, chatbots are the best till yet. They solve the query in an instant without making the customer read the complete page. 

  • Affordable and easy to create

It’s really quite easy to create the chatbots and affordable too. You just need to be clear with the outcome you want to derive so the programming can be done accordingly. You can find many companies helping you to create and integrate chatbots with the messaging apps or you can make them on your own using some paid and free platforms like Botsify, Beep boop, and FlowXo etc.  

chatbot for business

How Chatbots are helping businesses

Chatbots are helping business by becoming the part of the personal life of the people and making the UX ultimate. It shatters the boundary of time, place, navigation complexities on website, and limitations on app etc. Businesses need to embrace chatbots in order to make the user experience seamless and making business ubiquitous.      

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