Mind-Blowing Benefits of Having a Blog on Website

By | March 17, 2017

Digital marketing involves multiple practices to bring leads or conversions ensuring return of investments in significant numbers. A ‘Blog’ is one of the primary need of any digital marketer. All other practices helps in targeting audience for a particular purpose, but a Blog can be leveraged to achieve results in all the practices like it can be used as a content to publish in social media and email marketers can run newsletters of all the blog posts. Along with this, let’s discuss other mind-blowing benefits of having a Blog on the website.


Every new business initially strive for branding. Until the people know about your brand name, you cannot think of converting them. PPC or display ads can increase the instantaneous traffic on your website but it cannot lay the foundation of long-term results. A blog content disseminated through lots of mediums with a catchy headline would definitely persuade people to open and read about the brand.

Education & Engagement

A blog is the best medium in tight budget circumstances to educate and engage the audience. It works best after video content. However, a video can also be embedded in a blog, but if you are unable to make a considerable number of videos consistently for Youtube channel, text with graphics or infographics in the blog would get you covered.

You can create a wide range of content including how-to, tips and tricks, benefits of your services or products over any other relevant thing. What if any stainless steel cooking ware brand put the question on health hazards of Teflon on non-stick cooking ware? No one can resist reading the content. Such contents consistently educate and engage the audience.


The credit of SEO for bringing footfalls on the website and then leads or conversions cannot be denied.  SEO executive gains on the expanded keyword set. The relevant keywords are used in blogs which help in boosting the rankings. Moreover, the fresh content added again and again gets the website indexed by search engines every now and then. The blog posts provide more touch points as well as footfalls by bringing people on the blog to read the content also increases the Alexa Rank of the website.


Ultimately, blogs help to bring conversions by educating and engaging people. Enabling audience to comment in the blog post and replying them instantly helps to earn trust of the prospects which makes you the favourite brand. Since, this way it helps you to gain the benefits of two way communication while making the relationship more transparent with your customers.

Final Thoughts

No matter what domain your website belongs to, having a blog always justifies the ROI. Digital marketers are still using this mantra ‘Content is King’ to get their marketing campaigns successful with flying colours. Plan a blog on your website and get the upsurge in the number of conversions while gaining long-term benefits. Above all, having a blog on the website is like having a catalyst in the chemical reaction for achieving goals in digital marketing.

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