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Laxmi Singh is a certified content marketer, full-time blogger, content writer, and a proud mom of two sweet, little daughters. She loves to explore all the digital marketing aspects and ink them to cast light on the lesser known facts, new updates, trends, and technical approach.

20 Tips and Best Practices to Write a Powerful Email Subject Line

  Email marketing is an imperative form of promotion. It also maintains a healthy relationship with customers. It lets brands to sneak into the customer’s inbox and get them heard. Email subject line is one of the important factors for higher open rates. So, it should be carefully written. According to a blog on,… Read More »

How to Measure and Improve Display Advertising Performance

Display Advertising has been serving advertisers with instant and relevant traffic while being paid on the basis of performance. There are approximate 21 metrics for measuring display marketing performance but do they all worth calculating. In other words, do you think getting clicks in CPC campaign on the ad and generating traffic on the landing… Read More »