7 Must-Do Tips to Increase Open Rates

By | April 19, 2017

The most important KPI to measure the success of email marketing campaign is the open rate. An email campaign manager must ensure the highest open rate before getting it live. Certain criteria can help you to ensure that since simply waiting for the open rates to increase is not acceptable.

Still, if you are wondering what ascertains the higher open rates, here are 7 must-do tips to increase open rates –

1. Use Double Opt-In


A long list of email subscribers is always desired but those who don’t interact are worthless. The double opt-in feature would help you to have only those people who actually want to listen from you. After filling out the subscription form on the website, the user gets the confirmation mail in his inbox and gives his final consent to activate the service of getting emails from you. 

2. Email Frequency

‘One size doesn’t fit all’, it means every subscriber has different expectations from you. So let them choose the frequency of newsletters they receive from you since over serving can also be harmful. No one wants to get his inbox inundated with promotional emails. They can choose to get emails from you every day, once in a week, fortnight, month, or after multiple months.

3. Welcome Email

Don’t forget to shake hands as soon as you see a new customer. Therefore, you must send a welcome email immediately after adding a new subscriber in your subscription list. However, these are triggered emails but your prospect would feel attended and they will engage if they find that someone is listening to them.

4. Subject Line

email marketing subject line

The subject line is the foremost factor in determining the open rate. It performs like an actor in the movie which is made with hard work of a big team but viewers completely discard it if the acting is not well. Subject line gives the glance of your whole email campaign. Keep in mind a few tips before finalizing it –

• Add Emojis, Symbols & Numbers

Emojis and symbols stimulate the emotions of the readers while numbers arouse the feeling of urgency. You don’t need to use all of them always and in a single subject line. But, including them shrewdly would increase the open rate definitely. For example –

• Mind the Size

Sixty-six percent of all emails are opened on mobile devices in the US, so it becomes imperative to use a small subject line keeping in mind the small screen size on mobile devices. Hence, you should use not more than 50 characters in it, otherwise, it will be truncated at the end to get automatically fit into the mobile devices. An incomplete subject line can cause a great fall in open rate.

• Make it Clear

Make your title clear to understand making the user acknowledge what he is going to read. Sometimes, keeping a surprise also helps but be careful. Also, keep the words you promised in the title in the newsletter.

5. Personalize

Personalise recipient addressing

Personalization is addressing the recipient. When he knows that you have something in the email especially for him, he is bound to open the email. You can also take the help of segmentation to send expected emails based on recipient’s interest, browsing history, demography and events. The emails that include the first name of the recipient tend to land in the primary tab where there are more chances to get it opened.

6. Make it Data Driven

You can leverage the data to know what the user has saved in his shopping bag to offer him some discount. Data-driven email marketing campaign can help you to hit the right note. There are some tools that can help you to observe the activities of the customer and find his position in the purchase funnel.

7. Update the list

Updating the subscriber list regularly is the last but not least tip to increase the open rates. Everybody’s needs and interests keep changing, so keep eliminating the non-active subscribers as well. Those who have not opened your emails for long don’t deserve a place in your email list anymore. A lean list would save your time, money and efforts.

Final Thought

Paying heed to the tips would help you to get better conversions rate along with the higher open rate. You should not leave a single stone unturned to justify the investment by yielding a higher ROI since sending emails blindly can never provide you with the desired results.


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