5 Essentials Of A Social Media Plan

By | September 18, 2017

Social media has evolved as an asset for digital marketers. It has the strength to reach a large mass of audience in few seconds. Therefore, social media marketing is the part of a digital marketing plan of almost 92% marketers. According to social media examiner’s 2017 report, 92 percent of the surveyed marketers said social media is important for their business.

But the biggest challenge it possesses is to grow the number of followers and keep them engaged. You need to connect their lives with your brand.  Just make them feel like someone is reading their mind and speaking to their heart. While being so creative, you also need to be technically sound. Here are the 5 essentials of a social media plan-

  1. What to post on which social media channel?

Each social media channel is unique and has a motto for the people who join. Your post should also stick to that Motto otherwise people would discard you completely. Here is the glimpse of the motto of a few popular social media channels.

Facebook – It is the platform where you can connect with your family and friends. Key point is that it is the great source to reach a large mass of audience for B2C marketers.

The survey conducted from 7 March to 4 April 2016 by Pew Research says 79 percent of online adults use Facebook. So, share content that connects people with emotion. They can share with their friends and family.

Twitter – Twitter asks you to be short and precise in your message with 140-character limit. It has recently modified its rules and took images, videos & emoji’s out of 140-character limit.

Twitter does well with news regarding your niche and trending topics. People are here to learn and discuss, so share something which is worth learning and sharing.

LinkedIn – You can make the most of this platform for B2B business because it is the platform which enables professionals to connect. You can share messages, articles, and also presentations which lets you define your services and business goals with others.

Instagram – It is the photo and short video sharing mobile web network which has rapidly gained popularity in last few years. It works best with influencer marketing.

You can share photos and how to videos with a description or message below the image. You can also share funny images and videos which are relevant to your business.

Pinterest – Pinterest lets you showcase your products and expertise in the form of visuals. Good quality images can be shared with your followers.

You can also make a separate board for your blog posts. Also, embed ‘pin it’ button on the images to make it easy for users to pin your images. Share images that are useful and they would like to pin on their board for later use.

Google+ – Google+ is the social media platform of a search engine giant ‘Google’. You can post images and GIFs relevant to your business. Each post on G+ has a different link so you also increase the chances of appearing in search results if you have the relevant keywords and hashtags.

  1. Leverage your copywriting skills

Sharing a link or image alone can never do any magic on social media. Write an interesting and captivating description about the link or image you have shared.

People may not have time to go into detail while scrolling their social media platform page, but the description should make them like or share your post.

  1. Stick to the schedule and frequency

You better schedule your posts at once for the day and keep the time of your posts same every day. Maintain the frequency because you need to keep your followers engaged, but don’t keep it very high.

Every platform has different requirements and therefore the number of posts should be according to the platform like –

Name of social media platformMinimumMaximum
Facebook3 times per week10 times per week
Twitter5 times per dayAs much as you can
LinkedIn2 times per week5 times per week
Instagram3 times per dayAs much as you can
Pinterest5 times per day10 times per day
Google+3 times per week10 times per week
  1. Make your audience laugh and puzzled

Sharing your business ethos, ideals and views are valuable on social media but just don’t bore your followers with these. Give them a chance to laugh or puzzle with jokes, brain teasers and quizzes relevant to your business.

  1. Optimize your posts

Optimize your posts with right keyword and hashtags. You can create special hashtags for the promotion of an event, product or offer of your brand. You should keep the hashtags short and also something interesting that people remind. People may forget a boring or typical hashtag. Spaces or punctuation should not be used in hashtags as well as its first letter should be in capital. Every platform has different hashtag requirements and these are a few general rules.

Let’s Get Started

Now, you know the essentials of a social media plan. Social Media has become an imperative form of digital marketing. Brand’s social media presence is as necessary as its online presence. Your followers are your patrons so, keep them attended and engaged with the help of following social media tips.  

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