20 Tips and Best Practices to Write a Powerful Email Subject Line

By | December 27, 2017


Email marketing is an imperative form of promotion. It also maintains a healthy relationship with customers. It lets brands to sneak into the customer’s inbox and get them heard. Email subject line is one of the important factors for higher open rates. So, it should be carefully written.

Email marketing tips

According to a blog on socialoffice.com, 47 percent users open an email because of the subject line. So you must use these 20 tips and the best practices to write a powerful subject line.

1. Short is uncut

The latest Report from MovableInk – a Consumer Device Preference says that 66 percent of all emails in the US is now opened on mobile devices or tablets. The mobile devices have a small screen and therefore the subject line is cut to fit it into the screen.

Ultimately, an incomplete subject line would not catch the attention of the user. It may lead to a fall in open rate. So keep your subject line as short as 50 characters or less. Also, avoid fillers to keep the important words first.

2. Use the room for personalization

Email marketing is the process of bulk emailing but using the room of personalization can help better to achieve the target.

Address the recipient by its name. If you are sending birthday wishes or order confirmation, the recipient would love to see that you are trying to establish a good rapport with him individually.

3. Segment and create

All of your subscribers are not same. They may have different expectations. For example, some want information and knowledge while some would only look for a good offer. Some want to see any new product added in your stock where product launch email subject lines would catch their attention.

Segment all these types of subscribers and create a relevant email marketing campaign for them. You can also segment them on the basis of age, gender, location or profession.

4. Keep the promise

Don’t ever make big promises in the subject line just to get the email opened. Remember you need to make them patrons. If they feel cheated, you might suffer from a high unsubscribe rate. This also makes them lose faith in your brand. Be honest and transparent in your work to enrich a healthy relationship with your customers forever.

5. Create a suspense

Create a feeling of suspense in the subject line as it increases the curiosity to open the mail. You can ask them to see the surprise inside on the recipient’s birthday or let them know how many royalty points they have collected to shop next time.

6. Leverage the benefits of right timing

Timing is the biggest factor in the success of an email marketing campaign. Nailing it at the right time can greatly upsurge in conversation rate. Sending an email at 5:30 pm on Friday evening with the subject line like “where are you going to party this evening” and let them know about your disc and the offers you are pro works far better.

7. Make it clear and concise

The meaning of the subject line is an introduction to the email. So, it should be concise because limited characters can be used and as clear as CTA in the email. Do not confuse the user. You can create suspense by telling there is a surprise for you, but it should be cleared that there is a surprise because it’s his birthday.

8. Start with action words

Action words can better arouse the recipient to take the action than simple information. You can say “Book your special table now! This Valentine’s Day” instead of “special tables are available for Valentine’s Day celebration”.

9. Arouse the feeling of being special

You may be having hundred thousand customers in your database but arousing the feeling of being special in a few of them by sending some exclusive offers fetches desired results. Your customers would love to be the special customers.

10. Creating a sense of urgency works

Many times people delay the work because they feel that they can do it later because they have some other urgent pieces of work to do. This way many of them do not purchase.

But creating a sense of urgency works as you can say “a few hours left” or ” offer for only first 100 customers”. Customers would hit the ‘buy button’ without any delay.

11. Include numbers

Using impressive data in the form of numbers attracts people more than just a message. For example – “play 100+ games under one umbrella” or “choose from 75000+ latest designs”.

12. Articulate with Emojis

Articulate your emotions with emojis. Emojis are trendy and speak more than words. Instead of saying hurry up, you can add emojis of a running boy or add a dancing girl to show how exciting deal you are offering.

13. Make them ponder through question

Yes, you can take their time to think about your mail. You can ask them how their future is going to be without financial planning. Then tell them about your saving plans in the mail. Asking them questions which are directly related to their lives can make them open the mail.

14. Suggest the best for them

You have thousands and billions of customers having different taste. Suggest them some handpicked products or customized services according to their taste based on their search or purchase history. It would bring them a step down in the purchase funnel.

15. Avoid all caps

Using all caps or a lot of exclamation signs make the email subject line look spammy. It should look like you have specially crafted it for the recipient with all lowercase or one caps letters.

16. Include a preview text

The preview text is visible right after the subject line. So, include a preview text as well as make it alluring to get the email opened. It lets the recipient know what is there inside for him. So, include a bit of description of the mail which you could not do in the subject line because of the character limit.

17. Test it before shooting

You have a plenty of sure-shot tips but, applying them doesn’t mean that it would definitely work. Your requirements are always different on the basis of your campaign.

So, always perform A/B testing before finally shooting the mail. Test one variable at a time and perform it many times for different variables.

18. Avoid spammy words

Users have become smarter these days and they know marketers use gimmicks to sell their product. Calling your product the best in the world doesn’t go down well with your prospects.

So, do avoid superlatives, 100% free, and win iPhone or gold coin phrases from your email subject line. Since you need to be genuine.

19. Include surprising stats

Many merchants and service providers bring surprising stats in front of the people which influences them. For instance, eye testing service providers reveal how many people are ignorantly suffering from blurry vision. It influences the user and he wants to know if he is one of them.

20. Solve their problem

Your product or service is designed to facilitate the user. So make it a solution. Instead of exaggerating the features of your product, focus on the problem people are facing. Just touch the nerve and serve them with the solution.

Make your Email Marketing Campaign Thrive

Precise and attractive email subject line brings desired open rate. These 20 tips and the best practices to write a powerful email subject line lets you multiply the number of conversions and make you thrive with your digital marketing campaign.

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